Unleash sales performance

Boost productivity, increase revenue & accelerate growth.

What makes Foccuz so unique?

Our platform offers companies and their commercial teams the ability to access results in real time, providing a complete vision of commercial performance and efficiency.

But it's not just a matter of observation, it's a matter of action.

Foccuz provides clear and actionable insights that guide your salespeople to success, allowing you to significantly increase their results and business activity.

One single source of truth

Synchronize your data in a single source of truth.

Seamlessly integrates your entire tech stack to collect data from multiple sources. Build trust with accurate real-time information that helps you drive your growth.

Automate commissions calculation and eliminate payouts errors.

Stop using spreadsheets to calculate sales commissions. Save time and money by using Foccuz automated compensation management tool, and eliminate manual errors that could generate frictions with your reps.

Boost productivity, increase revenue & accelerate growth.

Foccuz provides benchmarks of performance to improve activity metrics and clear actionables so your Sales Executive knows exactly where to focus and how to prioritize their opportunities.

Key Features

Increase Sales Activity across your team
Reduce sales cycles
Improve pipeline management and deals assignment
Increase average ticket per sale
Increase Sales Revenue overall
Effective Sales compensation management automation
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